A white document with blue horizontal lines, representing a page of a newspaper. The document is on top of a two-tone blue circle. Logo symbolizes the Center’s quarterly newsletters.

Please see below for current and past Tran-SET newsletters including accessible version of the document. 

Current Newsletter

Issue 12: Fall 2020

Past Newsletters

Issue 11: Summer 2020

Issue 10: Spring 2020

Issue 9: Winter 2019

Issue 8: Fall 2019

Issue 7: Summer 2019

Issue 6: Spring 2019

Issue 5: Winter 2018

Issue 4: Fall 2018

Issue 3: Summer 2018

Issue 2: Spring 2018

Issue 1: Winter 2017

Note: the above PDF files may not meet accessibility requirements. Therefore, the text of each newsletter is also provided in an accompanying Word file (see above). Please contact Tran-SET ( for other accessible options and formats.

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