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Transportation Consortium of South-Central States (Tran-SET) is currently inviting problem statements from researchers at LSU in the field of micromobility. The research will be supported by Spin (https://www/ which is one of the leading micromobility companies in the world that emerged from the Ford Motor Company. The objective is to create a “Living Lab” environment at LSU by conducting research in the areas of safety, mobility, data science, AI, geofencing, and hardware to inform the public policy process involved in the adoption of e-cargo bikes (and trikes). Specifically, the problem statements must present research methodologies that characterize the use of e-cargo bikes (and trikes) and incentivized parking areas with respect to the following key variables: 

  • Understanding the impact of micromobility on desired outcomes of current University parking and transportation policies
  • Studying micromobility ridership levels
  • Compliance with parking regulations and development of tools/techniques to encourage parking compliance
  • Vehicle operation and maintenance logistics with respect to labor hours by the Spin operations staff
  • General public perception and impact of micromobility on campus
  • Benefits and challenges in using e-cargo bikes (and trikes) for the last mile delivery industry
  • Understanding the impacts of bundled multimodal shared mobility options on trip patterns and travel behavior

The research will be conducted over a period of 18 months. In coordination with the University Parking and Transportation Services, a fleet of micromobility vehicles will be deployed in designated parking areas on the LSU campus. Researchers can also include a comparison with other Spin campuses in the country or urban systems to produce practical and implementable outcomes.


Please see the solicitation and problem statement form below. Any and all Principal Investigators/researchers at LSU are welcome to submit problem statements (using the detailed form below). 

Problem Statement Form (Detailed – For Principal Investigators/researchers)

Problem statements submitted by October 31st, 2022, will be considered for funding. Please e-mail the appropriate completed form (as both a Word and PDF document) directly to Tran-SET at


For Tran-SET: Dr. Heena Dhasmana, Assistant Professor of Research/Tran-SET Program Manager at

For Spin: John Lankford, Head of Campus Partnerships at

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