Two white rectangles each containing five stars. The top rectangle contains five blue stars, and the bottom rectangle includes four blues stars and one empty (white) star. The rectangles are on top of a two-toned blue circle. Logo that symbolizes five-star and four-star reviews, respectively, and that each project team will be assessed/reviewed.

Tran-SET has established the Grantee Performance Assessment System (G-PAS): a defined set of quantitative and qualitative criteria in which the performance of each project team will be evaluated upon. G-PAS is based on the federal Contractor Performance Assessment Report System (CPARS) and includes evaluation of quality, schedule, cost control, and management on a quarterly basis. The aim of G-PAS is to encourage high-quality and timely research, technology transfer, education, and workforce development products. G-PAS is critical to fulfilling Tran-SET’s Mission and expending public funds as appropriately and efficiently as possible. The assessment/rating will be an important consideration in future award selections.

Detailed information in the document and instructional video below.

 Overview, evaluation ratings, and rating criteria of G-PAS

Short tutorial of G-PAS

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