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The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for several reporting requirements: (a) project briefs, (b) quarterly progress reports and trackers, (c) requirements for technology transfer plan (project-specific T2 plan, TRL assessment, and implementation report), and (d)  final research report. These documents are either direct requirements of the UTC grant or otherwise utilized to collect required metrics. 

Please see below for details on each reporting requirement, and please use the templates provided by Tran-SET. Please take note of the due datesSection 508/accessibility requirements, and guidance on invention reporting.

Due Dates

Please see the document below for due dates of each required reporting deliverable.

Reporting Requirements

Project Briefs

A two-page Fact Sheet summarizing the project is due within two weeks of project selection, and is prepared by Tran-SET administrative staff. This shall be revised within one month after the technical phase ends with the main findings and results to create the Project Highlight

These two project briefs are important dissemination materials and are the main mechanism to keep the public informed on our current and recently completed research. More information on specific requirements and standard templates will be provided shortly.

Progress Report and Tracker

Progress reports and trackers are due at the end of each reporting period as defined in the Tran-SET Reporting Requirements. Progress reports describe the: (1) progress and accomplishments during the reporting period, (2) participants and collaborating organizations, (3) anticipated outcomes of the project, (4) anticipated impacts of the project, and (4) changes or problems that occurred during the reporting period.

Progress reports are complimented by spreadsheet-based progress trackers — which track: (1) progress of each task, (2) products, (3) expenditures, and (4) UTC metrics. Progress reports and trackers are based on reporting requirements of the UTC grant — and greatly aid in the preparation of Performance Indicators and Program Progress Performance ReportsDetailed instructions are included the templates.

Progress Report

Progress Tracker

Progress Tracker

Requirements for Technology Transfer (T2)

As of July 2018, the Grant Deliverables and Reporting Requirements for 2016 UTCs mandated a Center-wide Technology Transfer (T2) Plan. Operating within the content requirements of the plan and other provided instructions/guides supplied by OST-R, Tran-SET developed its T2 Plan on August 2018.

Recognizing that Tran-SET administers research in diverse transportation topical areas with varying technology maturity, the T2 Plan requires each funded project to have an individual, project-specific T2 Plan and to conduct a series of meetings with the main project stakeholders (including one that involves a technology readiness level (TRL) assessment). The overall process is explained in the presentation slides and video below. This is followed by detailed instructions for the main reporting deliverables.

Overview of Tran-SET Requirements for Technology Transfer (Presentation Slides)

Overview of Tran-SET Requirements for Technology Transfer (Video)

Project-Specific Technology Transfer (T2) Plan​

Project-specific T2 Plans are a guide to successfully plan and execute activites during the implementation phase of the project. PIs are required to utilize the following template (and provide the requested information) to develop their project-specific T2 Plan. General requirements and a basic timeline is as follows:

  • PIs submit an initial, project-specific T2 Plan (utilizing the supplied template) with their proposal.
  • The T2 Plan will be reviewed during the proposal review process.
  • At the end of the technical (research) phase, the PRC will assess the technology readiness level (TRL) of the developed products/technology. Based on the TRL assessment and further comments from the PRC, the PIs will revise the T2 Plan within two weeks.
  • The T2 Plan will act as the PIs’ main roadmap during the implementation phase, documenting and guiding its outreach activities.
  • Note: the PIs are encouraged to revise the T2 Plan on a consistent basis, as the products/technology continually developed and mature.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Materials

Tran-SET will conduct technology readiness level (TRL) assessments for each funded project to evaluate the readiness of the developed output from each project for implementation. In order to conduct the TRL assessments, the Principal Investigator (PI) of each project, with the help of the Tran-SET T2 Coordinator, will define a panel comprised of the PRC with at least one other member considered to be a potential adopter. The TRL assessment will involve a webinar (or in-person) meeting facilitated by the T2 Coordinator, where the panel will assess: (1) the level in which the research output is ready for implementation, (2) which elements of the output are currently lacking regarding implementation, and (3) the next step(s) required to further ready the output for implementation.

Within one month of the technical (research) phase starting and ending, the T2 Coordinator will organize and conduct a meeting for the TRL assessments for each project (Meeting #1 at the starting of the technical phase and Meeting #2 at the ending of the technical phase). To assist the T2 Coordinator and the panel, the PI will prepare the following materials: (a) a PI Questionnaire, (b) Project-Specific T2 Plan, and (c) 20-30 min presentation.

Please use the templates below to complete the PI Questionnaire for PRC Meeting #1 and #2.

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Implementation Report

Implementation reports are due the last day of the project implementation phase. The implementation report is a companion document to the project-specific technology transfer (T2) plan. The project-specific T2 plan is a guide to plan and executive activities during the implementation phase; whereas the implementation report is a report out of such activities. The implementation report shall give a complete description of and developed products from the education, technology transfer, and workforce development activities that were executed during the implementation phase. More information on specific requirements and instructions are included in the template below.

Final Research Report

Final research reports are due 10 days after the technical phase of the project is completed. This report shall give a complete description of the problem, approach, methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Final reports should also cite (and link to) any outputs which are the direct, tangible products the project (such as publications, presentations, conference papers or proceedings, websites, databases, software, courses, workshops, or other documentation). There is no maximum page limit for the final report.

Please use the template and detailed formatting guide (below) to prepare your final report.

Section 508/Accessibility

All public facing content created after March 23, 2018 and submitted to the National Transportation Library (NTL) for inclusion in ROSA P must be 508 compliant. This includes both the final report and project dataset (as they are required to be submitted to NTL); therefore, each PI must submit their final report and all files in the project dataset in a 508 compliant format.

The following document and accompanying video provides more information, including the guidelines/tools that Tran-SET will use to check accessibility and typical document edits required for accessibility.

Section 508/Accessibility Aid (Document)

Section 508/Accessibility Aid (Video Module)

Invention Reporting

Following Tran-SET’s data management plan: “All inventions and patents developed with Tran-SET funding must be reported through the iEdison electronic system. In accordance with the requirements included in the General Provisions of UTC Grants and the flow-down provisions included in the subawards issued by LSU, all Subrecipients will notify LSU of any inventions and patents developed with UTC funding.”

The following document defines these flow-down provisions, specifying the process by which all consortium members and PIs should report their patents and inventions.

Note: the progress tracker template (see above) may not meet accessibility requirements. Please contact Tran-SET (transet@lsu.edu) for more accessible options and formats.

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