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Reporting Requirements

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for several reporting requirements: (a) UTC project information form, (b) quarterly progress reports and trackers, (c) final research report, and (d) implementation report. These documents are either direct requirements of the UTC grant or otherwise utilized to collect required metrics. 

Please see below for details on each reporting requirement, and please use the templates provided by Tran-SET.

UTC Project Information Form

To be submitted within two weeks after project selection. After the initial information fields are completed these forms are to be updated every six months.

Quarterly Progress Report and Tracker

Progress reports and trackers are due every three months (from the project start date). Progress reports describe the: (1) accomplishments (including progress of the technical objectives, training and workforce development activities, and dissemination activities), (2) participants and collaborating organizations, (3) impacts, and (4) changes or problems that occurred during that quarter. It shall include a technical narrative of the research progress. 

Progress reports are complimented by spreadsheet-based progress trackers -- which track: (1) progress of each task, (2) brief narrative summary of progress and upcoming activities, (3) products, (4) expenditures, and (5) UTC and diversity metrics. Progress reports and trackers are based on reporting requirements of the UTC grant -- and greatly aid in the preparation of Performance Indicators and Program Progress Performance ReportsDetailed instructions are included the templates.

Progress Report

Progress Tracker

Short Instructional Tutorial

Final Research Report

Final research reports are due 10 days after the technical phase of the project is completed. This report shall give a complete description of the problem, approach, methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Final reports should also cite (and link to) any outputs which are the direct, tangible products the project (such as publications, presentations, conference papers or proceedings, websites, databases, software, courses, workshops, or other documentation). There is no maximum page limit for the final report.

To market and brand our research appropriately, there are four final research report templates -- one for each of our main research themes: (a) enhancing the durability and service life of infrastructure, (2) preserving existing transportation systems, (3) preserving the environment, and (4) addressing Region 6 transportation needs. Please use the template (below) that is most applicable to your research project; templates will also be e-mailed directly to the PIs.

Enhancing the Durability and Service Life of Infrastructure

Preserving Existing Transportation Systems

Preserving the Environment

Addressing Region 6 Transportation Needs

Implementation Report

Implementation reports are due 10 days after the implementation phase of the project is completed. This report shall give a complete description of and developed products from the education, technology transfer, and workforce development activities that were executed during the implementation phase. More information on specific requirements and a standard template will be provided shortly.

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