PI Toolbox

The Research Project Tracking tool may be used by PIs and administrators to access and update information as needed for each research project.

Reporting Requirements

The following are the official DOT Reporting Requirements for which each Principal Investigator is responsible for once awarded a UTC project. Please use the Tran-SET Templates to comply with the reporting requirements.

UTC Project Information

To be submitted within two weeks after the project selection. After the initial information fields are completed these forms are to be updated every six months; this update may coincide with the Center’s semi-annual reports. Please fill out this information using our official template.

Progress Reports

The Progress Report is expected to be submitted quarterly, which should summarize the activities carried out and mark the progress of each task during the reporting period. More information of what the progress report should include can be found here.

Performance Indicators

The Performance Indicators report must be submitted every 12 months.

Final Reports

Final reports are due one month after a project’s completion. This report shall include the methodology, findings, conclusions and recommendations that resulted from the research project. More information on the UTC Final Report submissions can be found here.

Implementation Report

Implementation reports are due six months after a project’s completion. Such report should include all information required in the Progress Reports and Final Reports related to Education & Workforce Development and Technology Transfer. More information on the Implementation Report requirements can be found here.

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