2021 Conference Location

The 2021 Tran-SET Conference will be held VirtuallyConcurrent Zoom meeting links for each of the technical sessions will be available soon.

After all, prior to the legalization of gambling, today’s gamblers were most likely casino pin up regular customers of many illegal casinos and underground “katrons.”[28] As for voluntary self-help programs such as Gamblers Anonymous, they will be effective if participation is truly voluntary. The Gamblers Anonymous literature clearly states, “An avid gambler must voluntarily accept that he or she suffers from a progressive illness and express a desire to be cured of it. Our experience has shown that the Gamblers Anonymous program … cannot help a person unless he or she openly and honestly admits the fact of his or her illness.” The society also insists on the financial independence of its members. They reject any “outside donations,” noting that “all expenses are paid on the basis of voluntary financial assistance from its members.”[29] State assistance does not seem to be welcomed at all.

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