Workforce Development

The UTC team has the ultimate goal of ensuring that educational and workforce development activities go in parallel with the research projects funded through the Center. To ensure achievement of this goal, the director will form an Educational and Work Force Development Committee that will supervise educational and work force development activities. This committee will review the outcomes of each research project and will coordinate with the PIs to ensure that educational and training materials are provided by the end of each project. They will also make recommendations to the center director and associate directors about present and future needs for knowledge in specific areas of transportation. Knowledge generated from the Center will be incorporated into educational and training activities through the following activities:

  • Request from all projects funded through the Center to provide educational materials in order to train students and workforce on their findings and advancements. Educational materials will include presentations, group exercises, and videos.
  • Redesign existing courses taught at the 11 institutions to incorporate research findings, sustainability concepts, and developed educational materials.
  • Develop new courses to meet the identified training/education needs, taking into account the diversity of the student educational level and learning ability

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