With limited funding and the reduction of transportation agency resources, the backlog of transportation projects has reached alarming levels and continues to grow. These limited funding conditions have contributed to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) grading America’s infrastructure at a D+ in 2013, assessing that $3.6 trillion dollars would be needed to fix the aging and crumbling infrastructure.  To address these challenges, the assembled consortium of universities in Tran-SET includes individuals with complementing expertise in the broad areas of transportation that will focus on research with potential for implementation, followed by outreach activities, education, and workforce development.

The center focuses on three FAST act Research Focus Areas (Improving durability and longevity of infrastructure, preserving the environment, preserving the existing transportation system).  In addition, with the Regional Priorities initiative the center will fast track projects that address an immediate regional need, regardless of the specific research focus area.


The funded research projects span across all modes of surface transportation with a special focus on roads, ports, and bridges as critical components in the region as they are vulnerable to storm surges and hurricane damage.

All projects funded by the center comply with the DOT Public Access Plan and Tran-SET’s Data Management Plan. All researchers funded by the center must obtain their unique ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) identification.

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