Problem Statement Solicitation


Tran-SET is currently soliciting research problem statements for its third-cycle of funding. The problem statements will aid in achieving Tran-SET’s Mission of “conducting all phases of research, technology transfer, workforce development, and outreach activities as to solve transportation challenges in Region 6 and support implementation“. We welcome both applied and theoretical problem statements that address Tran-SET’s four Research Themes. Specifically, the problem statements must address Tran-SET’s following research objectives: 

  • Objective 1: Extend the life of the existing transportation infrastructure through the application of emerging technologies in materials and construction;
  • Objective 2: Promote sustainability and resiliency of the transportation infrastructure renewal and upgrade;
  • Objective 3: Introduce and implement cost-effective solutions to the transportation infrastructure backlog of projects;
  • Objective 4: Develop cost-effective solutions for the construction and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure in metropolitan and rural areas;
  • Objective 5: Enhance the resiliency of the transportation infrastructure in the event of extreme weather events; and
  • Objective 6: Promote workforce development through learning and continuous education.

Proposers should allocate 6 months after completion of the technical phase(s) of the project for implementation, education, workforce development, and technology transfer activities. At least 10% of the funding requested shall be allocated for these activities and can only be spent during the implementation phase.

Tran-SET highly encourages collaboration among Region 6 universities; therefore, priority will be given to projects that involve multi-institutions (that represent collaboration between at least two institutions). The research problem statements will be ranked by their potential benefits and eventual impacts on workforce development and educational activities that focus on the evaluation and implementation of advanced technologies in the transportation industry.


Please see the solicitation and problem statement forms below. There are two forms: (1) a simplified form for members of the Center Advisory Board (CAB) and other community/agency leaders and (2) a detailed form for Principal Investigators. Both forms are due by August 25th , 2018 (note: the due date has been extended!). The simplified form should be e-mailed directly to Tran-SET at The detailed form should be completed and submitted online via the webpage link.

Solicitation and Problem Statement Form (Simplified)

Solicitation and Problem Statement Form (Detailed)

Webpage to Complete and Submit Form (Detailed only)


Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Christopher Melson by phone at (225) 578-3805 or e-mail at for any questions or assistance in completing the problem statement forms.

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