Center Advisory Board

A Center Advisory Board (CAB) has been established to oversee the Center activities (research, implementation, outreach, training, and workforce development) and to ensure that the conducted activities are closely related to the infrastructure needs and challenges faced in Region 6. The advisory board consists of experts from state organizations in Region 6, practitioners, academia and private sector representatives.

Kathy Trahan
President & CEO

Elisha Wright-Kehner
Research Engineer

David Mayer
Vice President

James Setze
Executive Director

Jon Long
Branch Manager

Connie Fabre
Executive Director

Fadi Faraji
Vice President

Will Seaman
Director of Workforce Alignment

Eric Kalivoda
Deputy Secretary

Susan Schowen
Director of Workforce Initiatives

Ava Dejoie
Executive Director

David Hadwiger
Research Manager

Alan Stevenson
Division Engineer

Gary LaGrange
Executive Director

Brett Haggerty
Materials Engineer

Bryan Sims
Executive Director

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