2021 Conference Committees

Steering Committee

Dr. Zahid Hossain | Chair
Associate Professor and Co-Director | Arkansas State University

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Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharry | Member
Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science | Arkansas State University

Dr. Tom Risch | Member
Vice President of Research | Arkansas State University

Dr. Bill Smith | Member
Executive Director of Marketing | Arkansas State University

Ms. Elizabeth Rouse | Member
Coordinator of Reng Student Union | Arkansas State University

Mr. David Engelken | Member
Assistant Director of Communication Services | Arkansas State University

Mr. Alan Meadors | Member
Promotional Director | Concrete Pavement Association

Dr. Rajesh Sharma | Member
Associate Professor | Arkansas State University

Dr. Marwa Hassan | Member
Professor | Louisiana State University

Dr. Husam Sadek | Member
Assistant Professor of Research | Louisiana State University

Dr. Chao Wang | Member
Assistant Professor | Louisiana State University

Scientific Committee

Asphalt Materials & Pavements

  • Dr. Louay N. Mohammad, Louisiana State University, USA
  • Dr. Stefan Romanoschi, the University of Texas at Arlington, USA
  • Dr. Mostafa A Elseifi, Louisiana State University, USA
  • Dr. Andrew Braham, University of Arkansas, USA
  • Dr. Shane Underwood, North Carolina State University, USA
  • Dr. Zahid Hossain, Arkansas State University, USA
  • Dr. Silvia Caro Spinel, Los Andes University, Colombia
  • Dr. Dharamveer Singh, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
  • Dr. Ramez M. Hajj, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
  • Dr. Rouzbeh Ghabchi, South Dakota State University, USA
  • Dr. Emad Kassem, University of Idaho, USA
  • Dr. Elie Y. Hajj, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
  • Dr. Hasan Ozer, Arizona State University, USA
  • Dr. Diana B. Sánchez, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Concrete & Structures

  • Dr. Craig Newtson, New Mexico State University, USA
  • Dr. Tareq Ragab, Arkansas State University, USA
  • Mr. Craig Wallace, Boral Resources LLC, USA
  • Mr. Keith Wetsell, Razorback Concrete Company, USA
  • Dr. Ivan Diaz, Boral Resources LLC, USA
  • Mr. Alan Meadors, Concrete Pavement Association, USA
  • Dr. Mohammad Sadik Khan, Jackson State University, USA
  • Dr. Gabriel Arce, Louisiana State University, USA


  • Dr. Khaled Sobhan, Florida Atlantic University, USA
  • Mr. Jason Stewart, Arkansas State University, USA
  • Dr. Ashraf Elsayed, Arkansas State University, USA
  • Dr. Hyun Nam Boo, University of Central Florida, USA
  • Dr. Mbaki Onyango, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, USA
  • Dr. Sumi Siddiqua, University of British Columbia, Canada

ITS, Safety & Sustainability

  • Dr. Shubhalaxmi Kher, Arkansas State University, USA
  • Dr. Hyunju Jeong, Arkansas State University, USA
  • Dr. Ahad Ali, Lawrence Technological University, USA
  • Dr. Momen Mousa, Louisiana State University, USA
  • Dr. M.A.S. Kamal, Gunma University, Japan

Traffic, Policy & Planning

  • Dr. Shivan Haran, Arkansas State University, USA
  • Dr. Alexander Shokolov, Arkansas State University, USA
  • Dr. José Pablo Aguiar-Moya, Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica.
  • Dr. Xianming Shi, Washington State University, USA
  • Dr. Mena I. Souliman, University of Texas at Tyler, USA

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