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Since April 2018, Tran-SET has hosted an annual conference with the purpose of educating, engaging, and working with varied stakeholders (academics, industry professionals, state DOTs, and other government agencies) to solve transportation challenges facing the South Central United States. The conferences are an opportunity to inform stakeholders on Tran-SET's research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer activities. This includes showcasing our technical contributions in a wide-range of transportation fields, including: pavements, asphalt and concrete materials, structures, geotechnical, safety, intelligent transportation systems, and policy and planning.

Our inaugural conference has been an awarding experience, forming tighter relationships with our Center Advisory Board (CAB) and other community stakeholders. Please see below for more information on our upcoming Tran-SET Conference -- as well as summaries and materials from past conferences.

2019 Tran-SET Conference

We are currently in the preliminary planning stages for our next Tran-SET Conference to be held in Texas in the Spring of 2019 (tentatively in April). Please "stay tuned" for additional details!

2018 Tran-SET Conference

On April 3-4, 2018 Tran-SET hosted its inaugural Conference in New Orleans, LA. The Conference began with a student poster competition, where 17 Tran-SET-sponsored students from seven universities presented on their research. The posters were judged by a panel; certificates and small monetary prizes were awarded for first, second, and third place.

The Conference also included an in-person Business Meeting with Tran-SET's Center Advisory Board (CAB). Each Associate Director presented on their research, technology transfer, educational, and workforce development activities. The meeting also involved open discussion where CAB members supplied crucial feedback and guidance to the Center, especially on the future direction of its research.

The majority of the Conference comprised of technical sessions: 8 technical sessions with 35 lectern presentations. The presentations gave an overview of each of Tran-SET's 33 first-year projects by their respective PI.

The 2018 Tran-SET Conference had over 75 attendees from 14 different academic institutions, six public agencies, and four private entities. It was held at the InterContential New Orleans Hotel and in conjunction with the 2018 Construction Research Congress (CRC). To learn about CRC 2018, please visit their website.

Please see below for the Conference Program, Business Meeting agenda, and Conference Proceedings (which includes extended abstracts of the 35 lectern presentations).

Conference Program

Business Meeting Agenda

Conference Proceedings

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