Progress Report Requirements

The following items must be addressed in the Progress Report. Note: If there is nothing significant to report under a particular category during this reporting period, state “Nothing to Report.”

Project Status
By reporting the status of your current project, Tran-SET will be able to report to the US DOT whether the project remains active or has been completed.

For all funded projects, the Progress Report shall include what has been accomplished with respect to the center’s objectives: research, education and workforce development, technology transfer, and outreach activities. If possible, include information on what you plan to do during the next reporting period to accomplish the goals and objectives.

Describe how the results have been disseminated by include any outreach activities that have been undertaken to reach members of communities who are not usually aware of these program activities.

List the outcomes that resulted from the research project, such as:

  • Journal publications
  • Books, dissertations, or one-time publication
  • Other publications, conference papers and presentations
  • Websites
  • Media
  • Technologies or techniques
  • Inventions, patent applications, and licenses

Participants and Other Collaborating Organizations
List the partner organizations with their contact information and their respective contributions to your project.

Describe ways in which the research project and its products have had an impact during the reporting period. Where possible, impacts should be linked to National goals expressed in the Secretary’s Strategic Goals. Examples of impacts can include:

  • Development of the principal discipline of the project
  • The impact of the research project on other disciplines
  • Technology transfer (e.g. transfer of results to entities in government or industry, adoption of new practices, or instances where research has led to the initiation of a start-up company)
  • Impacts on society beyond science and technology


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