Diversity Indicators

At the end of each grant year, data collection corresponding to the center’s Diversity goals will be reported. To date, the Center presents the following metrics:

  • Number of summer internships or research opportunities for undergraduate students from under-represented groups: 6 of 11
  • Total budgeted costs for women and minorities in each project: TBD
  • Number of funded programs that recruit and hire graduate students from minority groups in science and engineering: TBD
  • Increase in the number of minority student enrollment in transportation programs: TBD
  • Number of degrees conferred to minority students: TBD

Minorities in Research:

  • 49 Principal Investigators
    • 38.8% minority (by race/ethnicity)
    • 14% female
  • 33 participating students (reported to date)
    • 57.6% minority (by race/ethnicity)
    • 33% female

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