Tran-SET is committed to give back to the community with extensive expertise in educational and outreach activities to educate future leaders on transportation-related concepts and to raise their awareness on the challenges facing our transportation infrastructure.

Proposed Activities to Support Academic Programs

The UTC will be greatly involved in improving and supporting existing academic programs at the 11 institutions of the consortium. The following activities are proposed to increase and improve existing academic programs:

  • Offer summer research experiences for community college students at university campuses;
  • Strengthening of existing transportation programs at community colleges;
  • Development of new transportation related programs at community colleges;
  • Offer two graduate scholarships for students interested in pursuing a PhD degree in transportation;
  • Offer two summer internships for two undergraduate students from various engineering disciplines to work in research projects funded through the Center;
  • Offer a research student rotation program between partner institutions such that each summer, a student can spend time in different partner institutions;
  • Sponsor events such as the CEE Graduate Student Conference at LSU and offer promotional items to students and faculty to market the Center activities;
  • Offer distance education courses that will be open to engineers in industry or students all over the world;
  • Utilize existing diversity programs, such as the Marathon Exploration Camp at LSU for organizing field trips to female and minority high school students.
  • Prepare educational materials such as PowerPoint to train students on the latest technologies researched by the Center in Transportation.
  • Offer two internships for senior level high school students to motivate them in STEM education, particularly in the area of transportation.

Support of Transportation Non-Degree Programs

Tran-SET will be greatly involved in improving and supporting transportation non-degree programs. These programs will include architectural, business, mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering. The following activities are proposed to increase and improve existing transportation non-degree programs:

  • Establish an annual competition for students to solve transportation related problems from different discipline-perspectives;
  • Offer two summer Co-Op opportunities for undergraduate students from transportation non-degree programs to allow them to work in transportation;
  • Establish an exploratory grant for faculty from transportation non-degree programs to solve a transportation-related challenge.

Seminars, Workshops, and Training Courses

  • Arrange graduate student seminars in the different research focus areas of the Center to present the most relevant results;
  • Support the PIs from the different institutions to travel to the participating institutions to give presentations on their project findings;
  • Arrange workshops in the different research focus areas of the Center to present industries and state personnel working in the transportation industry on the most important findings of the Center research projects;
  • Arrange workshops to train state personnel and industrial partners on emerging technologies such as multifunctional materials, geopolymers for infrastructure applications, corrosion and aging of infrastructure materials, and wireless sensor networks;
  • Provide new/improved courses through a variety of venues to include in-house, community college, private vendor, and supporting universities. These courses will take best advantage of the technology available in the TTEC located at LSU and other partners, using any of the following: multi-media, traditional, web-based, computer based, or distance learning.
  • Offer courses to the transportation industry to educate the work force on latest advancements and changes in standards.

Additional Outreach and Educational Activities

Tran-SET is committed to sponsor an educational training course during regional transportation conferences such as the biennial Louisiana Transportation Conference (LTC). These courses will tackle topics that relate to the findings of the Center research projects. These courses will target practitioners, private sector engineers, and state DOT personnel.

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