Call for Extended Abstracts

2018 Tran-SET Conference Extended Abstracts are now being accepted!

Deadline for submission is February 1, 2018 – Please submit here 

** Extended Abstracts submissions limited to Tran-SET PIs only!

Guidelines for Extended Abstracts Submission


An extended abstract is a concise summary of the research study that was accepted for presentation at the TranSET Annual Conference. The extended abstract is intended to provide TranSET Annual Conference participants the key points from your study and should provide some insights into the importance and contribution of your work to the transportation community. The extended abstract should contain a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 1750 words. Supporting figures, tables and images of the results (no more than two figures and two tables) may be included in the extended abstract and are not counted in the word limit. All extended abstracts must be submitted here through the 2018 Tran-SET Conference Easy Chair site. All the tables, images and figures should be centered. Figures and images should be numbered and the caption should be placed under the figure or image. Tables should also be numbered and the table header should be placed at the top of the table. Sources (if any) for the tables, figures and images should be placed directly under the tables, figures and images in the form of author name and publication date. Each extended abstract must contain the following sections:


The title page does not count toward the maximum word limit. The title page must include the title of the extended abstract, the names and affiliation(s) for the author and co-authors. You can include an acknowledgement section on your title page identifying funding sources.



The introduction section should (1) present the scope and objective of the paper and state the problem, (2) briefly review the pertinent literature, (3) describe the methods, and (4) provide an overview of the main results of the work. The author also should seek to answer the question “Why this research matters. Is this research making a contribution to theory and/or practice?


The methodology must be clearly stated and described in sufficient detail or with sufficient references. The author should concisely summarize the research framework, and the research methods applied in the study. The summary should include the identification of valid data sources used in the research.


The author shall summarize and briefly discuss any findings in this section. The author can use a combination of tables, figures, and text to provide the summary. The number of tables are figures are limited to no more than two each for the entire extended abstract.


Conclusions should include (1) the principles and generalizations inferred from the results, (2) any exceptions, problems or limitations of the work, and (3) theoretical and/or practical implications of the work. All conclusions offered should be supported by the information provided in the “Findings” section.


REFERENCES (Not counted in the word limit of the extended abstract)
This is any relevant information cited with the body of the extended abstract.

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